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Copywriting services for Lithuania_1

Copywriting services for Lithuania

Copy that ranks in Google At EASYSEO we specialize in writing content that ranks in first page of Google. That type of content we call “content for TOP”. To create content for TOP type copy we use the most advanced methods and…

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seo services for doctors

SEO services for doctors

SEO services for doctors – are SEO services designed specifically for the websites of doctors, physicians and other medical professionals. Medical SEO Agency EASYSEO got experience in ranking for medical terms. If you need a significant increase for your SEO campaign, get…

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seo agency for saas

SEO services for SaaS

Need SEO Agency for SaaS? EASYSEO agency socializes in digital product SEO campaigns. We have experience and resources needed to run a successful SEO campaign for SaaS. Consulting for SaaS   SEO services for SaaS – are specialized SEO services aimed at…

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Keyword audit and research

Keyword Research and Audit Services

  There are a number of instruments and methods to conduct a keyword analysis for a website. Depending on what the target goal is, we choose what’s best for the client in each situation. Keyword analysis can be conducted for a specific…

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Fast SEO results

Ecommerce optimization plan – “Fast SEO start”

  “Fast SEO start” – is a specialized plan for optimization of E-commerce, adapted for businesses during quarantine, in order to achieve fast and efficient SEO results. This offer, although different from our standard SEO plans, is designed to offer the best…

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Malware wordpress removal

WordPress Malware Removal Services

Is your website acting unusually slow for no apparent reason? There’s a good chance it could be infected with malware, in other words, harmful software intended to ruin a website’s ability to function to its full intent. Possible malware infection signs Unusual…

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PrestaShop developers, help and support services

PrestaShop is an online service-platform which acts as a valuable basis for an e-commerce store. If have at least some experience with web businesses, you probably that handling these type of business is no joke. In order to build a powerful and…

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wordpress support services

WordPress help and support services

Does your WordPress website need regular monitoring by experienced web professionals? Is there a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP? At EasySEO we can troubleshoot and fix your WordPress website problems in no time. Don’t hesitate and let professionals handle the…

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increase conversions plugin

CF Manager with FancyBox – WordPress plugin to boost conversions

If you need to start collecting and managing leads from your WordPress website right away CF manager with FancyBox is a perfect solution for you. Power of CF Manager FancyBox: More phone calls from clients More enquires from clients 2 different popup…

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fix joomla errors

Joomla development services

We are dedicated Joomla developer. If you need help with Joomla development serivice and programming get in touch with us. Our Joomla developer expertise is: Joomla migration Joomla version updates Bug and errors fixing Extensions and module integration E commerce integration Payment…

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Local SEO Services – How to appear on “Google Maps”?

Local businesses that are optimized for Google map are getting more local clients. If you want more business in your local area or want to be found on local pack of Google maps with a certain keyword + city or “keyword +…

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What is content marketing and why does it matter?

Content Marketing – is a marketing method, which relies on the regular publishing of quality content. The main goal of this strategy is to attract the attention of potential client and increase sales in the long run. Instead of advertising your service…

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vidinis seo optimizavimas

On-page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO services all done in-house. You get the results directly from our agency with all tasks performed under one roof. The terms and prices depend on many factors, some of those are: Type of a website Content management system (CMS) of…

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wordpress programavimo paslaugos

WordPress Programming Services

We know how to code Wordpress and Joomla.
Get in touch with us if you need to fix or update your website. Check our expertise here.

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seo tinklapio auditas

SEO audit services

There is a number of reasons why you may want us to perform a paid website SEO audit, but you can start with a free SEO report that you can get from us. Get SEO audit with EasySEO: If your website is…

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internetiniu parduotuviu kurimas

Ecommerce website development

E-shops for a GREAT price in 5 workdays! Minimalistic design with strong, standardized functionality. This is the best way to start your business online. The price includes a personal offer for website, designed and adapted for your business field. In 1 week,…

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svetainių kūrimas

Website development services

What is a “good” or “quality” website? All businessmen know that a website has to sell, but not all know what a website that pays off and generates money consists of. What kind of websites “pay off”? As practice shows, a profitable…

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website speed optimisation

Website speed optimization

Website Speed Optimization Services We can turbocharge your website speed even if you have the worst theme or template installed. If needed, we can redevelop a new clean theme for you leaving the same design. We speed upthe following CMS’s: Wodpress Joomla…

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seo konsultacijos

SEO Consulting

Best suited for? Businessmen who have an internet business Businessmen who want to connect their online and offline businesses During the consultation you will also learn why informational websites are sometimes called “online business cards” and may help you sell your services…

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google remarketing services


Remarketing is the best solution when it comes to reengage with visitors, who landed on your website previously.

For example, with remarketing you can make a special offer for visitors who had seen you product or a service, but did not buy from you. Later he will see you offer while browsing other websites.

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